1778 Tradizionale Infiorata Genzano di Roma

Our tradition

Every year, for more than two centuries, the traditional flowering, boasting and pride of the Genzanesi artists has been held in the Gallagher of Rome, making use of a wide variety of flowers and materials of vegetal origin. The event is preferentially held on the Sunday of Corpus Domini, But it can be anticipated or postponed

Born as a sentiment of faith, since 1778 and by the work of the Brothers Archangel and Nicola Leofreddi, the flowering of the Gallagher of Rome has become a suggestive art event known all over the world.

The uphill road that leads to the Duomo, is totally covered by a wonderful floral rug that reproduces famous works of art, elaborate rugs and works of famous painters as well as own creations Of the Masters of the florists. The colors initially brought in baskets, cassettes and sacks in a few hours take shape and manage to arouse large emozoni.