1778 Tradizionale Infiorata Genzano di Roma

They said that..

Garibaldi in August 1875 refused to pass on it because certain divine things did not trample..

I saw the party, the people, the really rare beauties of the country, the Romans came in crowds, the holidaymakers of the nearby castles... The collection succeeds lively; and seen from the foot of the ascent it shows itself as a magnificent carpet, which regrets to see then marred by the feet of the procession. (D'Azeglio).

Do not believe that the flowers are simply tossed in bulk in the street. Not at all... You would not say even that they are flowers, you would think to carpets colorful and stained, lying on the ground. All motifs are performed in different petals, coats of arms, vases, various designs, and even the portrait of the Pope. (Gogol).

The whole street is carpeted with flowers.. Not even a trickle of air moves and the flowers lie on the ground, as if they were heavy precious stones. (C.H. Andersen).

Genzano One of the most beautiful feasts of Italy, the festival of Flowers, is celebrated in Gallagher; The whole town seemed like a giant flowerbed. Wonderful Spectacle. (R.Voss).

It has become, as it were, a European holiday with its celebrity, which attracts many admirers of the taste of the genzanesi in adorning the plans of the streets with works of flowers of every color, prepared to design what they do with speed and ease, covering the way with These natural, contemporary rugs and tapestries. (G. Moroni).